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"Jenn worked for me for several years at Feathers, and she was an asset to the company. Jenn is kind, gentle and responsible, and has a wonderful rapport with animals as well as people. She has a wealth of information on all aspects of owning and caring for parrots of all kind. It was and honor and pleasure to have her as a member of my staff." Laura Abram, former owner of Feathers (formerly located in Marlborough, MA), current owner of Flying Colors, Spring Hill, FL

"I am inspired by Jenn’s knowledge and passion toward birds! Thank you!"  Maya & Akiko, Newton, MA

"Jenn is the woman...well, at the time, girl...who made me fall in love with birds.  We went to high school together and she taught me everything I knew...it was her Peach Fronted Conure, Peaches, and her wealth of knowledge that helped with my love.  She helped me in the research I had to do before buying a bird...she is perfect and matching personality to species.  She helped me with the cage setup, food choice, and toy purchases.  She was an indispensable part of the whole process and because of her I adopted my unforgettable, feathered-friend...Skeeter!  Thanks, Jenn!" Kate Duval, Cranston, RI

"Jenn has a wealth of knowledge that continues to amaze me.  She has more experience with birds than I could ever imagine.  She has a kind heart and great ability with reading a dog's body language. I've seen the extent of her training with what she has accomplished with her own dogs over the last two years and it continues to impress me. She is responsible, reliable, and I would trust her with any of my dogs any day."  Casey Palmer, CVT, owner of Dogs About Town, Groton, MA

"Thank goodness I found Jenn, The Bird Guru, through a reccomendation from my local pet store! I couldn't be more delighted with her expertise, caring competent manner, reliable promptness and such service- right to my kitchen and my bird's cage! I only wish I had more friends with birds so that I could them about her wonderful services. I would unhesistatingly trust her to come and go in my home even if I were away. Thank you Jenn!" Joan O'Brien, Wayland, MA

"Jenn put both my birds and myself at ease during the grooming procedure.  She is more than just knowlegeable and capable; she is a natural, and the birds can sense this.  I am so happy to have found her!" Carol Reynolds, owner of Wizard of Paws, Bridgton, ME

"Phenomenal!! You're such an awesome resource!!! Warmest thanks! I am so happy following our meeting, now that I've learned how to start to play with my little guy!" Heidi, NH

"My husband and I had just moved to Maine, and didn't know anyone who could groom or board our two cockatiels, when we discovered Jenn. She came right to our house and did a wonderful job with handling the birds and clipping their wings -- we would happily use her again, both for grooming and for boarding. She has also been a really valuable resource for information and training for our two dogs. We reccomend her to anyone -- your animals are in great hands with Jenn!" Kathy Hawkins, Gray, ME, http://www.hawkinsmultimedia.com

"Jenn, I just wanted to say it was nice meeting you and Oen today - you both did a great job. My birds look awesome! My quaker is a little upset at the fact she can't fly but I love the idea that I don't have to chase her 20 times a day and I know if she does try - she'll glide to the floor and not hurt herself. LOL!! I will call you when they start to take flight again. Thank you again." Nancy Maki, Ashby, MA

"Thanks again for being so great with them (parakeets).  When I brought them home my husband said they looked liked they just got back from the Spa :-)" Lori, Watertown (parakeet boarders, Molly and Chicker)

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