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We offer bird boarding in our home. Some restrictions apply.

Benefits of boarding with The Bird Guru:

  • A variety of organic fresh vegetables and fruits, and cooked foods are provided daily
  • Dry food and water changed at least twice daily
  • Filtered water is provided at least twice daily for your birds
  • Full-spectrum lighting on timers makes sure birds have equal periods of waking and sleeping
  • Air filtration system to keep our bird room dust and odor free
  • Cages are cleaned daily with bird safe and environmentally friendly cleaners
  • Out of cage time is available for those birds that would like daily human interaction
  • Daily showers or baths are available
  • Humidification system in place for the winter months
  • All boarding birds must have a current health certificate (dated within the last 12 months) for the safety of all avian and human visitors
  • Many cages are available for your birds to stay in or you may bring your own cage if you like
  • Foraging activities are provided for you bird daily, and vary based on your bird's size and foraging experience
  • Daily training for management and safety purposes (targeting, stationing, step-up)
  • Daily updates about diet, training, health and behavior 
  • Experienced staff
  • Avian veterinarian recommended

Approximate boarding rates:
Budgies, lovebirds, neophemas and doves: $25/day

Cockatiels: $28/day

Small conures, small poicephalus, ringnecks, brotogeris and similar size/needs: $32/day

Pionus, eclectus, mini-macaws, amazons, greys, large conures: $35/day

We do not offer boarding for lories/lorikeets, cockatoos or large macaws.

*Rates may vary. Discounts are available for stays longer than 2 weeks and for families with multiple birds.

What to bring with you for your bird's stay:

  • A carrier
  • 4-6 toys (or more if you like - we want our birds to stay busy!)
  • A cage (if you like)*
  • Current health certificate from an avian vet
  • Your bird's regular dry diet
  • Boarding contract
  • Any extra notes about your bird that may help us to provide the best possible care for your bird

Please email us for more information.

*If using your own cage/s, please remember to have it, and everything in it, immaculately clean. You will be charged $40/hr if it needs to be cleaned.

New service:
Board and Train: As a Certified Professional Bird Trainer, I can work on any training goals you may have for your bird, whether it is to decrease biting, increase step ups, teach them to recall to you, learn tricks (like ring toss, etc…), learn to accept grooming without restraint, learn to be comfortable being restrained, diet changes, and more. Just ask and we will come up with a training plan together to achieve your goals. This service can be added on for a daily fee. This training is above and beyond the basic training I do with all client birds for management and safety purposes. I also offer private bird training consults in your home or mine, and skype consults as well.