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Bird grooming

Bird grooming includes wing feather trimming, and nail clipping. Birds' wing feathers are clipped on an individual basis and trimmed just enough so that they can glide gently down to the ground.

Petite birds: $15/ea
(finches, canaries, parrotlets, budgies, lovebirds)

Small birds: $20/ea
(cockatiels, conures, senegals, lories/lorikeets, meyers, red bellied parrots, brown-headeds, kakarikis)

We are no longer offering grooming services for medium or large birds. Please see an avian vet for help in this area.

Grooming in our home: Bring your bird/s to our home in Boylston, MA, and there is no travel fee.

Grooming in your home: When we come to your home we add a travel fee that varies depending on your location. Contact us for a quote.

A word about beak trimming:
I have had many people ask me to trim their birds beaks. Although many groomers may offer beak trimming, if your bird is in good health it is not necessary, and can in fact be detrimental if done incorrectly. I have spoken to numerous avian professionals about beak trimming and this has been confimed time and time again. Providing a nutritious diet and plenty of opportunites to chew will keep your bird's beak in good shape. If for some reason your bird does need his/her beak groomed we will advise you of that, and you should then seek out a veterinarian for professional assistance in this area.


In August of 2008, I was interviewed by Katie Ingmire of Bowtie Publications, for an article in the 2009 Birds USA magazine called:
"What It's Like To Be A . . . - Profile of Bird Careers".

She interviewed me as a professional bird groomer. Here's a link to the questions she asked me and my answers, as well as what actually made it into the article.